Your life’s information is too valuable to take chances with.
With Digital LifeCloud® your vital information and precious memories are securely stored and instantly available, 24/7 from anywhere you are!
 What's a LifeCloud®? 
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  What’s a LifeCloud®?
Digital LifeCloud® (DLC) is simply peace of mind.

DLC is an award-winning platform that allows you to safely and securely store the important information that runs your life. Should an emergency occur, you are just a few keystrokes away from retrieving lost information from our secured servers, decreasing stress and improving your quality of life. Those are the “oops” moments in life. The “ahh” moments – precious photos and memories – all can be uploaded to DLC in an organized structure with many pre-formatted forms to assist you.

Award-winning content and pre-built forms are included allowing you to organize without reinventing the wheel. While other platforms are for single-user use, your entire family can use it. Other platforms allow you to store one thing – your medical chart, your banking information – you can store EVERYTHING on DLC’s encrypted platform. And you can email any of it to anyone, especially useful in emergency situations.

Read about what’s included and the benefits of DLC!

If you live in a paper world it is nearly impossible for you to be that good at storing all the big and little things in your life. Storing in the cloud automatically classifies, categorizes and indexes your life so that when you need it, you can find it.
Bob Hammer
NMMA Award

You’re on a foreign trip and lose your passport. You receive a call on a cruise that dad has fallen and they can’t locate his medical records at the hospital. You’re hospitalized while on a trip and need your records. Your computer is stolen from your hotel. Your house is vandalized and the insurance company needs photos of what is lost.

These are all real scenarios that have happened to DLC users. Those who had LifeCloud® before the incidents were literally “saved” by the Cloud. For others, it prompted them to purchase DLC.

Read about real scenarios and how DLC helped save the day…..

OK, so my husband FINALLY took me on a vacation! My dream becomes a nightmare. I lost my purse, including my passport, etc. When we returned very stressed instead of rested, my friend told me about Digital LifeCloud®. I now have everything organized on it and in addition to my daily life, it’s helping me feel safe and organized. I know I will never ruin a vacation again. And yes, my husband and I will go on a vacation next year, but totally prepared.
Vicky, Arizona

All of your connections are encrypted using HTTPS. All personal information is encrypted using the same state-of-the-art AES-256 encryption technology used by the US government and most major banks. Whenever your data is in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted and sent using HTTPS. Your data is safe and secure with Digital LifeCloud®!
For pennies a day you have access to all your vital information with total privacy and security. Under your control, records can be accessed by specialists for second opinions within minutes, and sent to an emergency room if needed.
Selma Schimmel, Founder of Vital Options International

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